Portfolio Delivery

Portfolio Delivery oversees a range of areas within Cabinet Office Digital:

  • Responsible for the selection, prioritisation and control of CO Digital’s programmes and projects
  • Defining best practices for delivering and governing projects and programmes (which are in themselves delivery vehicles for IT and digital services) including MI, planning, and portfolio risk management.
  • Working in collaboration with Commercial and the Chief of Staff’s office on commercial governance of suppliers, contract management and performance, including procurement of a Strategic Delivery Partner for CO Digital.
  • Delivery Squads running projects and programmes delivering successful outcomes for our customers with Business Units and ALBs.
Interview with Claire Ellis, Deputy Director Portfolio Delivery and also Head of Profession at the Cabinet Office

Claire, can you give us an insight into what Portfolio Delivery at Cabinet Office Digital entails?

Claire: Absolutely! As the Deputy Director, I oversee multidisciplinary squads that deliver projects and programs across various business units in the organization. Our teams consist of delivery managers, researchers, content designers, technical architects, developers, and engineers. We’re responsible for diverse projects, from the Cabinet Office intranet to Border Force services, offering our team members exposure to a wide range of sectors and senior stakeholders.

What motivated you to join Cabinet Office Digital?

Claire: Two main reasons: First, the opportunity to work again with former colleagues whom I deeply respect. Secondly, the Cabinet Office’s reputation as a key player in the civil service inspired me to contribute to its impactful work.

Can you describe the structure of the Portfolio Delivery function?

Claire: We currently have nine squads, each managing their capacity and offering flexibility in terms of project engagement. This structure allows our team members to explore various projects and contribute based on their interests and career goals.

What are the upcoming opportunities within Portfolio Delivery?

There’s a strong focus on continuous improvement and efficiency. We’re leveraging digital and technology solutions in various sectors, from government property to veterans’ affairs. These projects offer tremendous scope for innovation and impact.

What values do you look for in your colleagues?

Claire: Honesty, openness, and transparency are crucial. We tackle complex, fast-paced projects, so clear and honest communication is vital. Additionally, kindness and respect are non-negotiable values in our team dynamics.

Why should someone consider moving to Cabinet Office Digital, especially if they haven’t worked in the public sector before?

The Cabinet Office offers a unique perspective on government operations. The pace, decision-making quality, and desire to make a positive difference are genuinely remarkable. It’s an empowering environment that brings you closer to high-level government operations.

How does the Portfolio Delivery function maintain its community spirit?

We have various initiatives, from social events to professional development sessions. We emphasize inclusivity and support, ensuring a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Finally, what development opportunities are available?

There are extensive opportunities for professional growth, including mentorship, shadowing, and skills enhancement sessions. We’re focused on building a culture of continuous learning and development.

The Portfolio Delivery function is responsible for providing and delivering a single digital, data and technology portfolio for the Cabinet Office Digital.

Claire Ellis
Deputy Director – Portfolio Delivery