About Us

Our purpose as Cabinet Office Digital is to enable and transform the Cabinet Office through the provision of exemplary digital, data and technology products and services. We enable through the provision of end user compute (EUC), mobility and productivity solutions. We support the transformation of the organisation through working closely with business unit leaders and their teams to address their “problem space” delivering digital products and services to solve their complex challenges.  

As Cabinet Office Digital we are responsible for the provision of Cyber and Information Security services; protecting the digital landscape of the organisation from the evolving cyber threat. 

Furthermore we provide technology advice, assurance and governance to the Cabinet Office enabling convergence and consolidation of platforms and systems across the organisation; reducing risk and cost.  

Through the work we undertake on behalf of the Cabinet Office we enable the organisation to increase productivity and reduce risk; putting our users at the heart of everything we do.  

We are predominantly based in London, Bristol and Manchester, with the latter two being our growth locations. We also have teams in, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, London (70 Whitehall and 1 Horse Guards Road) and Norwich providing IT service management support via Tech Hubs to Cabinet Office users.

Our Values

  • Inclusive: We show respect to everyone we work with. We value each other and actively listen. We ask questions and consider issues raised.
  • Transparent: We are open and honest about what we know and what we don’t know and speak up
  • Quality: We continually improve through listening, learning and innovation. What we do, we do well.